love island fans aren’t too happy about danny dyer’s appearance

Written by on July 29, 2018

“We’ve been waiting 8 WEEKS…

Well, they never said he was going to be a contestant, did they?

Love Island fans have been reacting furiously to the fact that Danny Dyer made an appearance on the show but wasn’t physically inside the villa. Woops.

If you’re somehow unaware, this year features contestant Dani Dyer who is the daughter of British legend Danny Dyer, and for some reason everyone has been waiting on the edge of their seats for him to go in and embarrass his daughter.

On Friday night’s episode, we watched as Dani received a video call from her dad and wife Joanne while sitting with Jack, her current beau on the show, and it was a cute, even funny moment.

Danny gave his daughter’s boyfriend the much-needed fatherly seal of approval during the call, with the Eastenders actor calling Jack a ‘proper geezer’ to the couple’s delight.

Sounds nice, right? Given that the contestants aren’t allowed any contact with the outside world – just like Big Brother – so a video call from your parent is a pretty big deal.

However, many Love Island fans didn’t think so. Twitter basically went up in flames when the call ended to not reveal Danny enter the villa, as though the call was some kind of trick.

“We’ve been waiting 8 WEEKS for Danny Dyer to go into the villa, and all we get is a skype call???” one viewer tweeted, while others even described it as shambolic.

Goodness, people really wanted to see Mr. Dyer in that villa, eh?

or fans who are upset because he didn’t physically visit his daughter, there’s a perfectly good reason for it: Danny and Joanne are on holiday.

It is their summer too, you know! Perhaps they’ll fly over to Majorca for the final, which is tomorrow. How is it over already?!


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